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Our featured author is Benton T. Thompson III, beloved pastor, international speaker, teacher and global missioner. Pastor Thompson has shared his work with people throughout the United States, India, Philipines, Central America, Israel and West Indies and in such settings as; TBN-Praise the Lord, Atlanta LIVE, the Babbie Mason Show, Dorothy Spalding - Club 36 and various Atlanta radio stations such as KISS 104 w/ Twanda Black and WYZE w/ Marvelene Foster. Appearing as a regular columnist for Precious Times magazine where his is insights can be viewed by a large national audience. He has been featured in Triumph the Magazine and The National WORD News as Pastor of the Month. Some of his published works include Why Men Hunt and Sons of God. Also A Woman's Purpose  along with A Man's Purpose projects are available on CD. He's also written a five part  Inspirational - How To ... God series. "Given all that we hear about faith, God and religion, things can become a bit unclear. My heart was to offer some basic guidelines to help us navigate life's slippery course. So I wrote a short 5 book series, that's easy to follow and practical about some basic foundations for faith in God. Sharing with the reader How to Hear God, How to Trust God, How to Follow God, How to Obey God and finally How to Pray to God. Each little book is packed full of basic biblical principles that we can use everyday."  His latest work titled Divinely Dysfunctional, is an anthology of everyday life characters who would be classified as dysfunctional but come to find they are in fact divinely dysfunctional; unique on purpose!

"Benton Thompson's life is a genuine reflection of the principles he shares in his books. The advice and wisdom he offers here are valuable resources..."

Diane McDougal, CEO & President, McDougal Publishing


Benton T. Thompson, III has told his story on national television and radio stations across America. He has written several how-to books...His comments are concise and to the point.
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