Our Purpose

    for His glory"  


Everything God made is waiting with excitement for God to show his children's glory completely. Romans 8:19
Sons of God / The Children of God has been translated from the Hebrew -  Bar Abba.
Bar Abba is an Independent Publisher who is committed to helping God's glory to be revealed through his children.
Everything we do is with a spirit of excellence, because we know our service represents the Kingdom of God.          All our work is customized to fit each writer. Our staff is here to serve as a type of midwife to help you deliver your baby/vision/message safe and sound. Everyone can use some help at some point and time in their life, we want to offer you our services. The beauty of going with an Independent Publisher is everyone is important to us, from pastors to professors, housewives to businessmen, missionaries to novelists, anyone who has a passion to express themselves by writing. 

Bar Abba Publishing vows to provide, great quality, affordable services, to the writer seeking a high-caliber publisher that offers both speed and flexibility. Let us help you give birth to what God has placed in you!

All you have to do is submit a sampling of the work that you desire to be published and tell us your needs for the project. Someone will contact you shortly to get more information and discuss your new adventure with you. Let's get started!


Here are some services we offer at very affordable pricing designed with you in mind:

            * Free initial consultation

            * Expert advice from a published Author

            * Layout and Design Templates

            * Proofreading

            * Editing

            * Promotional aides

            * Graphic aides (flyers, posters, etc.)

            * Copyright & Registration

            * Publicity Services (Media, Bookings, etc.)